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New Location!!!

Look for us in the Walmart shopping center behind Cracker Barrel and in front of the Courtyard Marriot. No reservations. Just drop by for hourly care. Bring in your receipts from Olive Garden, Cracker Barrel, Buck Wild Saloon, Hooters, Hieronymus Seafood, Carrabba’s, Bonefish Grill, Carolina Ale House , Kick Back Jack’s and get a discount on your play care bill.

We take newborns to age 12.

Dear Parents/guardians,

My name is Carol… and my name is Alison. Together we would like to welcome and introduce you to one of the best concepts ever invented for parents and their children. Read on….

Children's Corner of Wilmington NCLet’s face it, nobody said parenthood would be easy. Some days you may say to yourself “did I sign up for this”? There is no turning back now and the thought of it doesn’t even enter your mind. However, having children and trying to get things done can be frustrating at times. If you are like me, you remember the discharge papers from the hospital after the baby was born. I myself went home with a cute little certificate with foot prints (suitable for framing) with the height, weight and inches of the human being that now was completely dependent upon me for survival. No handbook, no instruction manual and not a clue as to how I would be able to figure out this remarkable being. Our cell phones on the other hand, come with not one, but two books.

The first, being a quick start guide that tells us how to turn on and turn off the device, how to check messages and how to program the ringer. The thick book has it all. Internet connection, GPS, call waiting, (babies don’t wait), caller ID, speed dialing (we can’t move fast enough when they are hungry), voice command ( no need to explain this), mute function ( yeah, right) and the lock mode which for the next 18 to 21 years is absent from any model we have received. My cell phone book has 129 pages, three languages and an 800 number if I have questions for trouble shooting and warranty information. As you know we have to keep our “models”, can’t trade them in or upgrade, and there is no buy back that I am aware of. All kidding aside we love our children more than life itself but there are times we need a break from them and they need a break from us. Let The Children’s Corner of Wilmington be your 800 number for help. Stop trying to be the super mom or dad. We can help you re-energize your batteries so that you can have the physical and emotional energy that children demand and deserve. We are the busy and tired parents solution for stress free play care.

WE PLAY ALL DAY EVERYDAY 7 days a week, 361 days a year (closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day). Super parent’s put up that tattered and worn cape for a few hours. Relax, renew and let your children experience fun while you get things done. Thank your children for allowing you to revisit your childhood through them each day. They remind us to have fun and help us realize that cloud watching IS more important than doing laundry. One day they will be gone but the laundry will always be there.

P.S….Super Moms and Super Dads – while your out..get a new cape. The old one is starting to look a little shabby.


Demanding Boss


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